Lagos Nigeria Crime Rate 2018 Level

Lagos Nigeria Crime Rate 2018

You asked what is Lagos Nigeria Crime rate, Probably you are new or intending to visit and wondering if its safe for both foreigners and locals.
This post is going to talk fully about the crime rate of Lagos state and also analyse if the state is safe for bother foreigners and locals.

Lagos state is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria and is a offshore state. Lagos is disputed to be the most populated state in Nigeria as the official figure from the 2006 census places the state as the second most populated in the country while the state government released a much higher figure. On a visit to this buzzling city you would surely notice the population density of the state even though it is the smallest in term of landmass. The state is also an important player to the economy of Nigeria and houses the nations largest urban area.

Lagos Nigeria Crime Rate

Lagos Nigeria Crime Rate 2018

Due to the state being located off the Atlantic ocean Lagos is blessed with beautiful beaches and resorts which serve as tourist attraction to a lot of people from various countries. Also being an economic hub, Lagos attracts a lot of foreign investors into the state.

what is Lagos Nigeria crime rate for 2018 ? Is it safe for Both Foreigners and Locals :

It is thereby natural that the question ” what is Lagos Nigeria crime ” would pop up. Many would like to know if the state is safe to do business in so as not to risk the loss of their life or property.

Just like many big cities in the world the crime rate of Lagos is a bit high as there are reports of armed muggings, assaults, burglaries, carjackings, extortions and lots more across the state. The mainland of Lagos state also experiences periodic, violent clashes among street gangs known as “Area Boys.” Both foreigners and locals have had varied experiences of crime in the state.

Though the crime rate does not make the state a death zone or hot crime spot which should be utterly avoided. The security forces of the state are highly responsive to emergency calls and have tried their best over the years to curtail crime in the state.

The results of the anti crime campaign by the security agencies have been tremendous in recent times as earlier this year the Governor of the State, Akinwummi Ambode announced that the crime rate of Lagos state has dropped by 65% in the last quarter under review.

The upgrade of security forces in the state in recent years has helped them fight crime better and gain more positives than negatives over the remaining pockets of criminals in the state.

So to a certain level, Lagos State Nigeria is safe for both locals and foreigners though fome few areas are to be avoided. Daz all

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  1. I booked a flight to visit Lagos a couple of weeks ago, to travel there shortly. I’ve booked an apartment. I am being collected at the airport. The last 24 hours I’ve been bombarded with calls from family begging me not to go, and been told by a friend who is a air hostess I’m going to be killed beaten and raped. I’m absolutely terrified now. I just don’t know what to do.

    1. That’s not true

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