Nigerian Men and Marriage & Relationships, Top 10 Things you need to know

Nigerian Men And Marriage – Relationships , Top 10 Things You Need To Know

Relationships are wonderful, even more so, relationships with a Nigerian is quite a fulfilling experience. The orientation of the African society as a whole is quite different from the western world. This implies that the liberty you may experience overseas may get you weird looks around here. However, as a woman, understanding what it takes to be in a relationship with a Nigerian man and familiarizing yourself with your partner will in turn give you a thoroughly satisfying relationship. While there are several things to enjoy in dating or marrying , it is also important to keep key things in mind bringing us to Nigerian Men and Marriage –  , Top 10 Things you need to know

Nigerian Men and Marriage – Relationships , Top 10 Things you need to know

  • 1. Family

Most Nigerian Men priorities family over everything else, this is not to say that he doesn’t love you or value your relationship, it only implies that when he builds a life with you, he will guard it with all he has. Also, pandering to his family will earn you a special space in his heart.

  • 2. Finances

While love might have brought you together, a Nigerian man needs to be able to provide for you. Of course, it’s always nice to have financial support from you but his orientation from his childhood has taught him that without being able to cater for his loved ones, he is a failure. In such cases, endeavour to build him up with support and great advice while demanding for only what he can comfortably afford.

Nigerian Men and Marriage , Nigerian Men and Relationships


  • 3. Food

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Nigerian men and marriage have taken that saying to the next level. Needless to say, a lady who can cook is always special to their heart.

  • 4. Control

This is always a delicate issue. He doesn’t want you to become a slave to his every whim, however, he expects you to play the supportive role as a partner and help him lead.

  • 5. Friends

They require time out with friends, to just hangout, rib each other or even watch their favourite game over a drink.

Nigerian Men and Marriage Relationships Continues …

  • 6. Religion

A truly important factor in every home, religion influences the decisions he makes and this includes relationships. While family may be Important, a typical Nigerian man never jokes with his faith and core beliefs.

  • 7. Society

The influence of the society also brings frictions. More often than not, a man’s decision is affected by what his immediate world expects. In such cases, it is best to make him understand and keep focus on the important things in his life.

  • 8. Emotions

Men aren’t exactly the symbol of unwavering emotions as they seem. They may keep their emotions deep inside and may find it hard to express feelings, but his actions will show you how he feels and maybe with time he may open up with words instead.

  • 9. Sex

yes, sex is an important ingredient in relationships, without a doubt, it releases the stress of his everyday life, struggles and draws both partners closer to each other.

  • 10. Sports

The number one reason for happiness in most men (aside his relationship of course). The thrill of supporting his favourite team definitely adds a spark to his day, it may seem as though he spends too much time on it, but truly, the excitement is gold to him. The best way to make this a bonding activity is to take interest in the sport and teams he likes and become as much of a fan as he is.

So there it is on Nigerian Men and Marriage , Nigerian Men and Relationships, Top 10 Things you need to know . They are quite handsome and romantic as you will get to find out and if you treat him like a king, he will treat you like the queen you are.

Updated: February 13, 2018 — 7:20 pm

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