Top 10 Richest Hip Hop Artist in Nigeria 2018

Top 10 Richest Hip Hop Artist in Nigeria 2018

Since its formation in the early 1970s by the African Americans, hip-hop music has been setting a record of providing finance for those that participate in it. In fact, it will be so surprising to mention that to some, rather than going to school, they prefer to find their way into the music industry. And depending on the country in which these industries are located, hence the type of income that will be expected. this brought up this post on top 10 Richest Hip Hop Artist In Nigeria 2018.

For example, Nigeria is endowed with people that are creative and a willing market ready to pay to see the talents those people are going to display most especially the youth. Even from statistics, the rate at which youths are moving into the music industry is on the high side and the only consequence this is likely to have is the diminishing of the number of literates in the country. It might look so funny but one day, someone will just wake up and start joining words together with a musical tone and after some time, you will just hear his voice on the television. That is, these hip-hop artists are making money even more than graduates of different universities. Among the youths, there usually arise the question of the richest hip hop artists in Nigeria. In order to provide concrete answers to those questions, we have decided to select the top 10 richest hip hop artists in Nigeria 2018 just for you and provide those answers for you in this article. These artists are:

Top 10 Richest Hip Hop Artist in Nigeria 2018

  • 1. Wizkid

The first musician on our list as the richest musician in Nigeria presently is Wizkid, whose full name is Balogun Ibrahim Ayodeji. Currently, he is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Starboy Music Record label, which has given him both local and international recognition.

Richest Hip Hop Artist In Nigeria


When it comes to those that the music industry has favored, I do not think it will be reasonably wise not to mention Wizkid as he was even ranked by Forbes in 2017, as one of the richest celebrities in Africa. Some of the endorsement deals that gave him millions of Naira are: Globacom, which is a top telecom company in Nigeria, ambassador for Pepsi and the 40 Million deal he had with MTN. And also, he uses to charge up to 5 million Naira per show. Currently, according to Forbes, his net worth is $40 Million.

  • 2. Davido

Initially, refers to as OBO, Davido took the music industry by producing interesting music and for this, he has been honored with different kinds of awards which include Mobo Awards and many others.

Top 10 Richest Hip Hop Artist In Nigeria


David Adedeji Adeleke seems not to depend much on his father, who is among the wealthiest men in Nigeria, for the fund as he has also established himself in the music industry by having his own record label which worths billions of Naira. However, apart from his own income from the music industry, he is currently the manager of his father’s company. For a single show, he normally charges between 3 to 5 Million Naira. His net worth currently is about 10 Billion Naira.

  • 3. Don Jazzy

Michel Collins Ajereh, popularly known as Don Jazzy is the CEO of Mavin Records and also the wealthiest record producer in Nigeria. IN 2004, he co-founded Mo’Hits Records which increase his local and international intervention.

Top 10 Richest Nigerian Hip Hop Artist

Don Jazzy

For a single show, he charges a sum of five hundred thousand Naira (500,000 Naira) which definitely explain his source of income. However, he also participates in endorsement deals that are worthy of millions. Don Jazzy currently has a mansion in which he lives and also blessed with countless cars, which actually explain the richly kind of lifestyle he normally lives. On estimate, his net worth is $35 Million, which on the equivalent is about 8 million naira.

  • 4. TuFace

In the music industry of Nigeria, one of the best hip-hop artists in Nigeria is 2Face Idibia, who had been the richest musician in Nigeria before artists like Wizkid took the glory from him. He his recognized both at the international and local level.

Richest Musicians In Nigeria

Tuface Idibia

Innocent Ujah Idibia is currently married to Annie Idibia even though he has other women outside the wedlock. Apart from being a musician, Tu Face is also an entrepreneur and has been involved in many endorsement deals that fetch him millions of naira. For a single show, it is rumored that he charges 2.5 Million and this has actually added to his financial status. Currently, his net worth is $22 Million on the estimate.

  • 5. Olamide

On the 5th position on our list, is Olamide Adedeji, who is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the popular music record label in Nigeria called YBNL Nation, which actually means Yahoo Boys No Laptop. He has made a lot of collaboration with many artists which has given him both local and international reputation.

Who Is The Richest Hip Hop Artist In Nigeria


Being an ambassador, Olamide is also a businessman that has participated in various endorsement deals which include Etisalat deal worthy of 50 Million Naira and many others. Depending on the show, Olamide usually charges around 2 million to 4 million. Apart from this as a source of income, Olamide also has to filling stations and many land properties that fetch him money. As of now, the net worth of Olamide is about $10 Million on the estimate.

  • 6. Phyno

Azubuike Nelson Chibuzor also called Phyno is the second best rapper in Nigeria who raps using different languages. In the music industry, he has built for himself a reputation that his forthcoming generation will benefit. An example is a brand he built for himself that usually makes his song to be so unique among the other artist.

For a single show, Phyno usually charges about 2 to 3 million Naira and this has contributed to his life financially. Just like Olamide, he has also ventured into other business like fashion, estate management etc. in order to broaden the source of his income. On estimate, his current net worth is $15 Million.

  • 7. P-Square

Here come the twins that gave the music industry a revolution since the time they venture into the industry. Even if Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye decided to split up today, each one of them will still remain among the richest hip hop artist in Nigeria. They both started the journey of dancing and singing until when Paul decided to leave dancing and do more of singing while Peter decided to combine the two. Through the musical record owned by their elder brother, Jude Engees, they produced and released most of their albums. They have been involved in many deals including the one signed with Akon’s Konvict Muzik label. 

Peter and Paul have also been honored in different manners like the richest twins in Africa, which they got from Forbes in 2014, 1025 and 2016. On a rumor ground, it is estimated that they have up to seven cars within themselves. Apart from this, they also have other properties like mansions, land properties etc. The net worth of the twins when they were together being about $40 Million.

  • 8. Timaya

Timaya, whose full name is Inetimi Alfred Odon us a Nigerian songwriter and hip hop artist that has survived well in the music industry. Currently, he is the owner and founder of South-South hip-hop group, Dem Mama Soldiers, where he made most of his releases. Since 2005 that he joined the music industry, he has been able to build a reputation for himself. One of his album that fetched him more glory was his second album titled Gift and Grace, which sold about 10 million copies only in Africa. Currently, the net worth of Timaya is about 7 Million Naira.

  • 9. D’banj

Last on our list is Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, who has also succeeded well in the music industry. He is a co-founder of MO’ Hits Record label with Don Jazzy before they finally split up. Also, through his best performance, he has gotten for himself an international recognition. Currently, the net worth of D’banj is $3 Million.

  • 10. Flavour

Flavour N’abania whose real name is Chinedu Okoli, started his music career as a drummer and since then he has been able to utilize the slightest opportunity to his betterment. Apart from being a singer, he is also a songwriter, a performer, in fact, a multi-instrumentalist. Most of his investments are in the Southern Part of Nigeria and on an estimate, his net worth is 2.5 Million Naira.


Apart from the high number of hip-hop artists that are currently present in Nigeria, the country is also making a well-spelled reputation in other parts of the music industry. And at the international level, Nigerians musicians especially the hip-hop artists are competing with those from another sphere of life and the only explanation for this, is that Nigeria is full of talented minds and the use of opportunities by these people have actually reduced the workload on the government even though it seems to be diminishing our educational sector. However, since the main aim of going to the school is to make money, which these artists are making in multiple folds, I believe them going to school is now optional. To be frank, these guys are making a hell out of money, just by making irrelevant words relevant to the ears.

That’s all about the Top 10 Richest Hip Hop Artist In Nigeria 2018.


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