In Nigeria, Uber ride is a technology-intensive platform that uses a mobile app in establishing an effective link between riders and drivers. Uber ride has been around for years and its operations have yielded comfortable driving experience for residents of metropolitan regions majorly in Lagos state and Abuja. – { Uber Lagos }.

If you’re acquainted with Uber, you will easily agree that the riding platform is best enjoyed by Lagos and Abuja residents who have chosen to use their smartphones in finding reliable transport services.

Uber is gradually broadening its operational scope in Nigeria but currently, Lagos residents are the largest beneficiaries of its rides. Therefore, this article will provide great insights into the concept of Uber Lagos.

Uber Lagos

Uber Lagos

Briefly speaking, Uber Lagos depicts how Uber riding operations are spread across the lengths and breadths of Lagos state. Without any doubts, Lagos state is a cosmopolitan region with an advanced transportation system. In consequence of this, Uber has made Lagos the mainstay of its riding services.

Many Lagos residents pay to enjoy Uber’s rides. As a Lagos resident who desires comfortable driving moments, you can opt for Uber’s riding services. In another case, a competent driver, who has fulfilled certain conditions, has the privilege of working as an Uber driver. And if you are lucky to be in the position of an Uber driver, you could have the weekly earnings of #250, 000. How awesome is this?

Uber Lagos has proven its worth and the desire to remain operative in Nigeria –most especially in Lagos. As you read this article further, you will find out all you should know about Uber riding services in Lagos state. But before we finally deepen into this topic, let’s quickly brief you on the history of Uber.

Uber is a globally acclaimed company set up in 2009. It is based in San Francisco but its operations have spanned across several countries. For years, Uber has been the choice of many Lagos passengers who prefer comfortable riding services from one corner of the state to another. If you’re a Lagos resident who is just getting to know what Uber stands for and feel it is the best riding platform for you, this article will show you how to get started.

  • Uber Lagos Rider

Before you can be an Uber rider, you first have to download a mobile app (popularly known as Uber app) to your smartphone. You can visit the Google Play store of your Android phone to get this app instantly. Also, you’re to note that Uber’s riding technology uses the mobile app to connect you with the nearest Uber driver in your location. With respect to this, the driver will take you to your destination across Lagos state and Uber will deduct the transport fare from the bank account associated with your Uber registration. So, it is understood that you don’t have to engage in any cash transaction with the driver. To make this convenient, Uber app requires that you provide vital details inclusive of your name, email and credit card information.

Fortunately, Uber has been the mainstay of employment for a vast number of Nigerians especially in Lagos state. If you’re thinking about getting employed in Lagos, you could opt for Uber’s services as a driver or partner. Currently, Uber has numerous drivers across Lagos state but in spite of this, the riding platform is committed to employing more drivers to make up for the massive number of residents in the state.

  • How to Become an Uber Driver in Lagos

The task of becoming a driver under Uber Lagos requires some stages. There are 5 different stages within the onboarding session which is expected to last for a whole day. During this session, the drivers will undergo several tests in areas including the use of Uber mobile app, adequate city knowledge and aptitude. Also, each of them will be required to submit his background check details. In course of the background check, each driver will undergo a psychometric test and most importantly, he must be able to live up to the minimum standards required by Uber. To proceed with the other steps such as booking a driver for the onboarding session, you can follow the steps below:

  • First Step: For the onboarding session, Uber allows you to book a driver and in case you wish to do this, head straight to your Uber account. Navigate to the partner dashboard. Now, go to www.partners.uber.com/drivers/. On the emerging page, choose the option Add A Driver. At this point, you’re required to upload the details of the driver you wish to book. However, you may disregard this step in a situation where you don’t need a driver or if you’ve included your driver in the dashboard of your partner account.
  • Second Step: In order to book a session, you can head straight to this link www.meetme.so/lagosonboarding . However, you can check back in case you prefer to take a later date. New dates are usually rolled out on Fridays. So, you’re advised to check back on Fridays to choose a later date. Another notable point is that you’re expected to fill in your driver’s details (including email account and name) in the booking form. To avoid being denied entry into the sessions, your driver is expected to produce the printed copy of a booking confirmation.
  • Third Step: Drivers are advised to prepare smartly for the sessions. In that case, each driver must provide an authentic driving license alongside several other documents such as his LASDRI card. Meanwhile, the driving license must have the minimum of 90 days from expiration. Another important thing is the mode of dressing. In this respect, drivers must be neat and smart in appearance. They can wear shirts but they are not allowed to wear jeans to the sessions. Instead of jeans, they should wear trousers. Also, covered shoes are allowed.
Uber Lagos Driver Requirement

Uber Lagos Driver Requirement

Additional info on Uber Lagos Driver – i

On the same day, each driver will have the permission to submit the details of his background check. For this submission, he is required to provide a few other details including:

  • The details of his two eligible guarantors
  • The details of his previous employer
  • His residential address in full
  • Two passport photographs of himself

In case you need more information concerning this, you can forward your message via email to partners.lagos@uber.com. Alternatively, you can be part of Uber’s partner info sessions which are held on Fridays and Wednesdays. On Fridays, the sessions are held at 10:30 AM but on Fridays, you can turn up for the sessions at 6:00 PM. Should you have any reason to book a Vehicle Inspection, don’t hesitate to contact Uber via the link www.meetme.so/UberLagos

Additional info ii

For the onboarding process, it is very paramount to carry out the city knowledge tests about the drivers and Lagos. Significantly, these help in determining POI (Places of Interests) and the suitable routes.

Steps to Become an Uber Partner in Lagos

To become an Uber partner in Lagos, make sure all the required personal details (including necessary vehicle documents) are at your disposal. Then, follow the steps below to open an account as an Uber partner.

  • How to Create a Partner Account with Uber
  • You first have to set up a partner profile by visiting www.partners.uber.com
  • Provide the information required and after that follow the steps below
  • To add your bank details to the setup: Visit www.vault.uber.com to provide your bank account details
  • To add your vehicle to the setup:  Include your vehicle and forward the archives shown beneath
  • To add a driver to the setup: You’re required to provide the authentic driving license of any driver you wish to include in your Uber record. In addition, you must provide a LASDRI certificate for each of the drivers you’re adding. LASDRI stands for Lagos State Drivers’ Institute Card
  • The Vehicle Documents to Be Provided

To become a registered Uber partner, your vehicle must be backed by the documents below:

  • Vehicle License Number
  • Endorsement of incorporation
  • Tint Permit (for tinted vehicles)
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Certificate of roadworthiness (as provided by the appropriate authority)

Special inclusions: (i) On every working day, reports undergo official examinations every 12 hours (ii) Distant vehicle protection comprising obligation protection for both traveler and outsider. For the stated arrangements, visit this link https://www.compareinsurance.com.ng/uber/motor_insurance/your_vehicle/1

  • Attend the info sessions for new partners (These are usually held at 10:30 AM or 6:00PM on Fridays and Wednesdays respectively)
  • To set up a vehicle inspection, head straight to www.meetme.so/uberlagos and choose the option Vehicle Inspection
  • For each driver added to your Uber record, head straight to www.meetme.so/lagosonboarding to attempt the registration procedures for a visit and join the onboarding session
  • For being an Uber partner, the sum of #20, 000 will be debited from your Uber record for every driver added to your dashboard. Notably, this sum will serve as the expense for record verification

Details on Vehicle Acceptance

  • Uber Lagos Car Requirements

It is a notable point to inform that vehicles must have met certain criteria before they are accepted for Uber riding services. Uber accepts a number of vehicle brands including Kia (Cerato), Toyota (both Camry and Corolla models), Honda (Accord) and Nissan (both Altima and Almera). Also for UberBlack, here are the acceptable vehicle brands: Toyota Prado, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes and BMW.

Most importantly, a vehicle can’t be qualified for Uber riding services except it has fulfilled the criteria below:

  • Vehicles must be authenticated with valid insurance documents
  • Vehicles must be backed by valid reports provided by the vehicle inspection agency
  • Each vehicle must be properly designed with four passenger doors (Vehicles with only two doors are not approved of)
  • For UberX, vehicles are required to be 2007 or newer models (i.e 10 years-old or newer models)
  • UberBlack and UberX vehicles are required to be sedan models (hatches are not approved of)
  • For UberSELECT, vehicles are required to be 2013 or newer models (i.e 4 years-old or newer models)
  • In width, vehicles must not be less than 1750mm
  • No acceptance of full-size 15-passenger vehicles like Ford Crown Victorias, vans, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Towncars
  • Vehicles must bear clear and vivid titles on their bodies
  • When placed in the Uber system, vehicles’ mileage must not exceed the limit of 100, 000KMs
  • For every vehicle, interior components such as air-conditioner and radio must be in working order
  • Vehicles must be equipped with seatbelts (inclusive of drivers’ seat belts)
  • For every vehicle, driver must provide valid LASDRI card alongside the driving license
  • For every account associated with a vehicle, only one driver is allowed. Here, the account bears only the name of the vehicle driver

Full List of Accepted Uber Vehicles in Nigeria

Uber has a substantial list of vehicles accepted for its riding services in Nigeria. This list gives room for many Nigerians to become Uber drivers because it comprises a substantial number of vehicle models. To make this list comprehensible, For each vehicle brand (such as Toyota), we will categorize the vehicle models under the two well-known Uber classes which are UberX and UberBlack.

Accepted Vehicle Brands and Models under UberX

Vehicle Brands Vehicle Models
Acura TL
Audi A4
Acura RDUberX
BMW 3 Series
Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet Epica
Dodge Charger
Chrysler 300
Ford Fusion
Ford Focus
Hyundai Veracruz
Hyundai Sonata
Hyundai Santa Fe
Hyundai Tucson
Hyundai Elantra
Hyundai Accord
Honda Crosstour
Hyunadia Accent
Honda CR-V
Geely MK
Infiniti Q50
Jeep Patriot
Jeep Liberty
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Compass
Jeep Cherokee
Kia Sportage
Kia Sorento
Kia Sedona
Kia Rio (2014 newer)
Kia Optima
Lexus gs 350
Lexus es 350
Lincoln MKS
Lincoln MKC
Mazda 6
Mazda CUberX-9
Mazda CUberX-7
Mazda CUberX-5
Nissan UberXterra
Nissan Rogue
Nissan Murano
Nissan MaUberXima
Toyota Camry
Toyota Avensis
Toyota Avalon
Toyota RAV4
Toyota Prius
Toyota Highlander
Toyota Venza
Toyota RAV4
Volkswagen Touareg
Volkswagen Tiguan
Volkswagen Jetta


Accepted Vehicle Brands and Models Under UberBlack

Vehicle Brands Vehicle Models
Acura RL
Acura RLUberX
Acura MDUberX
Audi S7
Audi S6
Audi Q5
Audi A7
Audi A6
Audi S8
BMW UberX6
BMW UberX5
BMW UberX4
BMW UberX3
BMW 7 series
BMW 5 series
Cadillac cts
Dodge Journey
Dodge Durango
Ford EUberXpedition
Ford EUberXplorer
Ford Edge
Infiniti M56
Infiniti M45
Infiniti M37
Infiniti M35
Infiniti M
Infiniti JUberX
Infiniti Q60
Infiniti Q56
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
Land Rover Range Rover
Land Rover LR4
Lexus rUberX 450
Lexus rUberX 350
Lexus Is 460
Lexus gs 460
Lexus gs 450
Lexus 570
Lincoln MKUberX
Lincoln MKT
Mercedes Benz M-Class
Mercedes Benz GL-Class
Mercedes Benz G-Class
Mercedes Benz E-Class
Porsche Panamera
Porsche Cayenne
Rolls Royce Phantom
Rolls Royce Ghost
Suzuki Grand Vitara
Toyota Landcruiser

That’s all on Uber Lagos and All the required information


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